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Innovative Partners for Mass Tort Cases

At Sbaiti & Company, we’re not just attorneys; we’re architects of justice. With a steadfast dedication to representing those harmed by corporate negligence, our attorneys have carved out reputations as skilled and tenacious litigators in mass torts. Our team has consistently demonstrated the expertise and commitment necessary to handle complex cases and deliver substantial outcomes. Headquartered in Dallas with additional offices in New Jersey, our reach extends nationally and internationally, allowing us to effectively serve clients wherever they may be.

What We Do

Experienced Trial Lawyers

Sbaiti & Company has decades of collective expertise in handling high-stakes mass torts, including significant involvement in some of the largest mass torts and multi-district litigations in the past decade. Our skilled litigators have deep experience in a comprehensive range of mass tort cases, from pharmaceuticals to environmental lawsuits. Our track record speaks volumes, with millions recovered for our clients in verdicts and settlements. Each case is a testament to our strategic acumen, meticulous preparation, and relentless advocacy.

Seamless Case Docket Management

We understand the complexities of managing a mass tort docket. That’s why we offer our partners the ability to leverage our expertise in case management. From implementing robust processes and workflows to leveraging technology to its full potential, our approach ensures that every aspect of the litigation process is handled with precision, from initial intake to final resolution, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Most importantly, we prioritize client service by maintaining real-time communication to address their needs promptly and effectively.

Why Partner with Sbaiti & Company
Our partnership model is built on flexibility. We believe that our co-counsel partners should be free to engage with their cases as much or as little as they prefer. Whether you seek to be hands-on or leave the day-to-day management to us, we can tailor our collaboration to your needs and preferences.
We recognize that every litigation and partnership is unique. That’s why we steer clear of one-size-fits-all fee arrangements, preferring instead to work with our co-counsel partners to develop fee structures that align with each case’s specific demands and dynamics. We aim to ensure that our partnership terms reflect the shared investment in success and the specific needs of the litigation. Our partnerships are not mere transactions, but true collaborations designed to maximize outcomes for our clients and the firms we partner with.

Sbaiti & Company is committed to providing our co-counsel partners with unparalleled access to information about their cases. Our secure, cutting-edge case management platform gives you regular, detailed reports, ensuring you have all the insights you need to stay informed and engaged. Our commitment to open, consistent communication means you’re always aware of where your cases stand and how they progress. With Sbaiti & Company, you’re not just a partner but an integral part of a collaborative, transparent litigation process.

Collaboration is key in mass tort litigation. We view our co-counsel partnerships as a cornerstone of our practice, providing a foundation for shared success. By joining forces with Sbaiti & Company, you gain more than a co-counsel; you gain a partner equally invested in achieving the best possible outcome for your clients.

Are you ready to elevate your practice? Contact our leadership team today to explore a partnership that brings unparalleled value and expertise to your mass tort cases.

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Mazin A. Sbaiti

Founding Partner

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Asim M. Badaruzzaman


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Brad J. Robinson

Managing Partner

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Kevin N. Colquitt

Managing Partner

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