Creditor’s Right and
Post-Judgment Collections

In many instances winning at trial and obtaining a verdict and judgment against a defendant is only the beginning of the battle. After all, if the party opposing you was willing to pay you the money you were entitled, you would not have had to endure a lawsuit and trial. Creditors’ right and Post-judgment collection is a critical step in actually obtaining the damages you are due under the law. Sbaiti & Company has extensive experience advocating for its clients’ right after the trial is over.

This practice includes securing Turnover and Charging Orders from the Court that allow us seize and sell the opposing parties’ property; requesting the appointment of a Receiver with whom we work to locate and secure property and money on your behalf; and forensic discovery and accounting from third parties like banks, trusts, brokerage accounts, family members, and other shelters your opponents will you to conceal the funds to which you’re entitled. And we’ll work to have them pay our attorney’s fees for making you chase them.

Post-judgment litigation is often highly contentious, with the losing party desperate to retain its ill-gotten gains, and requires an aggressive, comprehensive and tenacious firm working on your behalf. Sbaiti and Company is also agreeable to performing post-judgment collection under various fee arrangements, including hourly work, flat fee, and contingency. When your trial counsel secured your verdict, but your opponent tell you to “Come and get them” or “Good luck ever seeing that money”, hire the firm that has experience to make them regret their words.

We understand you want to win.