Published On: August 30, 2013Categories: Media

Hiring a Commercial Litigator to Win Your Case

Why Hire Mazin Sbaiti ?

Clients hire us because they have to win. They want a tailored solution to their litigation problems. They can get the same old cookie-cutter litigation plan by walking into any large law firm in any big city in America.

They come to us because they know we take business cases to trial if our opponents don’t settle with our clients on favorable terms. They come to us because they know we will leverage assymetries in information, understanding, skill set, and pain points to drive the best outcomes for our clients. We’ve successfully represented businesses and investors in matters such as breach of contract litigation, securities litigation, commercial fraud, patent litigation, copyright litigation, tortious interference, and other areas that affect your business.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Sued or Believe You Might Have a Lawsuit to File? Talk to an Expert Immediately.

Your lawsuit is one amongst many risks. How you manage it is crucially important to your business and to your portfolio if you’re an investor. Mazin Sbaiti has prepared dozens of cases for trial, and has tried over 25 matters before judges, juries and arbitrators on behalf of defendants and plaintiffs.

If you would like a free discussion about your risks and to see what we would do for you in your case, then call us at (214) 432-2899.

There is cost and no obligation to hire us.