Published On: September 9, 2013Categories: Media

Business Litigation Fact: The Credible Threat of Trial Drive

Businesses are more than 50% likely to sue or be sued in a commercial, intellectual property or investment lawsuit. What is more, a lawsuit like that is more than twice as likely to end up in the trial stage than civil cases on average. Yet, fewer than 8% of commercial litigators have ever tried a lawsuit to a judge, jury or arbitrator. The fact is that taking a case to trial has a statistically significant effect on your ability to drive a better outcome. If you have a lawsuit that you absolutely have to win, then there is nothing more powerful than the credible threat of trial to force your opponents to capitulate. Mazin Sbaiti has over 25 trials under his belt and has represented plaintiffs and defendants in small matters as well as hundred-million plus matters, often on a contingency or alternate fee basis. To discuss your case and see whether a our approach to winning your case is a good fit for you, call us at (214) 432-2899.