Published On: September 30, 2013Categories: Media

Business Litigation Economics: Reduce the Number of Litigation Events

Doing more with less: Reduce the Number of Superfluous Litigation Event. Dallas business litigator and trial lawyer Mazin Sbaiti discusses the inefficiencies that litigation events such as hearings, depositions, motions, disputes, fights cost litigants and add very little value to their cases. Most hearings, motions, and depositions offer very little value to litigants. Lawyers use them too often, and really don’t know how to capitalize on them. This translates simply into higher fees for lawyer and higher costs for clients, without a concomitant improvement in strategic advantage. We save clients 40% or more just by limiting these events. Curious about how this may help you or your business? Feel free to contact Mazin Sbaiti at (214) 432-2899.