Published On: November 2, 2014Categories: Litigation

Texas Commercial Trial Lawyer Discusses Winning Your Case

Winning Your Case Should Be Your Law Firm’s Top Priority…It Will be Ours

Your lawsuit is one of many risks that you have to manage. Your law firm should make it its top priority to assist you in managing litigation risk.

We assume you’re hiring us to win your case. If not, we’re probably not the right law firm for you.

Harness The Two Primary Motivators

According to over three centuries of study into this phenomenon, people tend to be driven by two primary motivators:

Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.

Any successful litigation strategy has to identify where your pain points are and vigorously shield them—and identify the other side’s vulnerabilities and emotional pain points, attack them ruthlessly and apply maximum pressure on them.

The Three-Tiers of Pressure

There are three ways you win your case:

  • You win on a legal argument
  • You win via favorable settlement.
  • You win at trial.

Legal motions are only successful about 30% of the time. The other 70% of cases have to be resolved at trial or via settlement.

Because we conduct rigorous legal analysis right away, we rarely lose on legal motions–and we often win on them.

A little over 3.5% of commercial lawsuits reach the trial stage. That is almost twice as high as civil lawsuits in general, which is just under 2% (according to the ABA).

Analyses of settlements shows that the closer to trial we get, the greater divergence the settlement values become: in other words, one side capitulates, and capitulates big to avoid losing at trial.

That is why we prepare every case for trial from the outset—the credible threat of trial is the best leverage you have.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Sued or Believe You Might Have a Lawsuit to File? Talk to an Expert Immediately.

Mazin Sbaiti has prepared dozens of cases for trial, and has tried over 25 matters before judges, juries and arbitrators on behalf of defendants and plaintiffs.

If you would like a free discussion about your risks and to see what we would do for you in your case, then call us at (214) 432-2899.