Published On: November 2, 2014Categories: Litigation

Texas Attorney Explains How You Can Get Free Strategic Advice

A survey of over 1000 business owners revealed that they all expected and wanted prospective litigation counsel to tell them whether they had a case, or whether it was worthwhile to litigate.

The survey also revealed that business owners want to hear what the firm would do, or thought the client should do before they got hired.

In order for counsel to do that, of course, they would have to invest many hours of review, research, analysis and strategizing to come up with a great plan. A “beauty contest” if you will. Most firms won’t do that. But we will.

We’ll Tell You and Then We’ll Show You

While we want to be able to show you what we can do, to demonstrate that we are so confident in what we can accomplish, we lay it all out for you from the outset.

We have no interest in telling you you have a case, when you actually don’t.

The way we look at it is that you are about entrust something so important to us,  that at the very least, you deserve to have explained to you:

  • …the viability of your case at trial, and your overall litigation risk;
  • …what we are going to do strategically;
  • …how we plan to execute (tactics);
  • …why we believe our strategy and tactics will work; and
  • …why our strategy will achieve the desired outcome for the case.

It won’t cost you a thing, and you have no obligation to hire us.

Although it has yet to happen, it is quite possible you will hate our ideas, or at least, you won’t like them enough to implement them.How could we in good conscience charge you for them?

The way I figure it is this: if you like our ideas, then you’ll hire us to implement them and execute on the strategy. I cannot imagine a serious business person or investor who would ask one lawyer for a strategic plan, and then hire another to execute–that would just make no sense for any serious person who had to win their case.

Clients Love Us for Ideas

Once you’re a client, you have access to us any time to discuss issues, reflect, bounce ideas off of us, solicit our ideas on things–at no cost.

Clients have asked us to attend board meetings to learn more about the business; they’ve asked for help on contracts, corporate governance, structuring deals, assessing litigation risk, insurance questions and the like–all without being charged a red cent for our time or expertise.

Pay for value.