Published On: June 17, 2013Categories: Fraud

FINRA Regulator Finally Discloses 1993 Indictment for Felony, Forced to Resign

Vindication for the Vindictive in FINRA?

Mitchell Atkins, who joined the NASD (FINRA’s predecessor) in 1993, was indicted that year for a fraud in connection with a charitable BINGO game. He has had to resign over the embarrassment. The Louisiana State Gaming Commission had found that Atkins’s father funnelled over $58,000 from a chartiable health-care BINGO game, which Atkins allegedly helped orchestrate. He pled guilty in 1993 to a misdemeanor, which was then “set aside” after he completed community service and paying a $500 fine.

The revelation was made by the target of one of Atkinson’s prosecutions, David Evanson, a Wisonsin broker.