Sexual Abuse

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault and has suffered the physical and emotional pain of being assaulted (often by someone they knew and trusted), the stigma and shame, and the outrage at the cover up and the denial of justice, Sbaiti & Company is here to help.

1 in 5 females are the victims of sexual abuse

According to the Crimes Against Children Research Center, 1 in 5 females are the victims of sexual abuse, and 1 in 20 males are also victims. These shocking statistics prompted Sbaiti & Company to seek out and prosecute civil claims for the victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

The partners at Sbaiti & Company have broad experience representing claimants in injury and sexual abuse. Having represented thousands of injured people in mass tort and multidistrict litigation, including those related to clergy abuse matters, as well as cases involving premises assaults, assaults on common carriers, babysitter assaults, among others, Sbaiti & Company brings a refined approach to obtaining justice for victims.

As a client of Sbaiti & Company, you’ll be represented by people who take these cases seriously and, more importantly, personally. We want justice for you. We fight large institutions all the time and have recovered billions for our clients from large corporations and institutions that are too powerful for most individuals to fight on their own.


We understand you want to win.

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