Sbaiti & Company is a boutique law firm that focuses on trying meritorious cases and appeals. Clients who have important—crucial—lawsuits that they cannot afford to lose hire us because we bring experience on both sides of the docket in a broad spectrum of legal specialties, with a demonstrated history of success, and a drive to win. We are often brought in to replace counsel either to finish a contentious matter or take it the rest of the way to trial, or on appeal after trial.

We understand: you want to win. And when things come up, you want to know your lawyers are there for you. You want answers to your concerns. You need them quickly. And you want them to be based upon thorough research, broad experience , and sound legal and professional judgment. And of course, you want someone who cares about what happens to you, and is not simply providing a service for money.

We Know Their Playbook

We know what drives plaintiffs…and what keeps them up at night. We know why defendants do what they do…and what they are deathly afraid of. Because we know from experience what the other side’s playbook looks like, it helps us plan our lawsuits, make strategic decisions, and frame the trial most favorably to our client.

We do not use a one-size-fits all litigation model, churning out the same strategy and work-product on behalf of the same clients from the same side of the bar. We love going up against those firms though. We take a proven approach to trying complex lawsuits that works irrespective of the subject matter.

We Begin With Our Clients’ Goals

At Sbaiti & Company, we are highly selective on the cases we take on and the clients we agree to represent. That is because as a boutique, we often find ourselves oversubscribed, which gives us the luxury to be choosey as to what cases to take on and which clients to represent.

We hold it is a first-principle that we have to know the other side’s arguments and weaknesses at least as well as we know our own. Once we take on your case, we conduct an in depth analysis of our clients’ goals for the lawsuit. We invest the time to thoroughly research and vet the law, and to understand the issues and strategically frame the case. Doing it this way allows us to know what is important, what is superfluous, and what is likely to be successful.

No ‘Desk Jockeys’ or ‘Discovery Litigators’ Here

We treat every case like it will go to trial. We are “stand up” trial lawyers—we love to go to court and fight our cases there. We are not discovery litigators. We don’t rely on motion practice or worn-out lawyer tricks or tactics (which are very expensive for clients), extensive document discovery, or over wrought depositions. That sets us apart from 99% of other firms and lawyers.

Our trial-oriented strategy informs us what is important and what is superfluous or a mere distraction—and thus a waste of time, effort and money. This always inures to your benefit. When you hire Sbaiti & Company, your opponent will know you are serious and ready to go all the way to trial which drives favorable resolution.

We’re Willing to Bet On Ourselves and Share the Risk With Our Clients

At Sbaiti & Company, our clients look to us to produce the best possible result at the best possible value. To help clients manage the expense and risk of litigation, we often work with clients on a contingency fee or alternative structured fee that pays us to win, and only if we win. This aligns our interests with our clients’ best outcomes.

Unlike large full-service law firms, we do not have an army of associates or high-cost attorneys who need hours to bill. While other firms may deploy three or four lawyers for each one of ours, we have never found ourselves outgunned despite frequently being out-manned.

What is more, is that our contingency-fee model allows us to prepare a case at our expense—and doing that has forged an efficient approach to each case. The truth is that even high-stakes cases do not always require thousands of hours to work up. Whether you hire us on contingency, by the hour, or a hybrid model, you will be the beneficiary of our efficient approach.